Case Study

HH Global

Author: Will Wallis - 22nd Sept 2023

Working with HH Global

HH Global has implemented Origin with a custom front-end designed to encourage best practices across the supply chain. Their sustainable procurement framework (SPF) combines supplier data with research and insights from Support the Goals to improve sustainability outcomes.

The SPF uses Origin's unique ratings engine to provide a sustainability maturity score based on supplier actions and strategy. The framework focuses on measurable outcomes and progress, helping to educate and advise suppliers on how to progress towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We chose the Origin platform to create our sustainable procurement framework, which encourages best practices across our supply chain. The platform combines supplier data with research and insights and Origins rating engine provides a sustainability maturity score based on suppliers' actions and strategies. We're thrilled with the results, and we look forward to extending the platform further with the team at Grouptree.

By leveraging Origin's powerful platform and capabilities, HH Global is driving positive change across its supply chain operations. The custom front-end design and sustainability-focused framework empower suppliers to improve their performance and meet the necessary requirements for environmental, social, and governance compliance.

HH Global’s implementation of Origin is a powerful example of how businesses can leverage technology to drive sustainability in their supply chain operations. By combining supplier data, research, and insights with Origin's unique ratings engine, HH Global is making measurable progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and promoting sustainability across its operations.

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