Ensure suppliers have the correct standards, policies or certifications based on their attributes and the products and services being supplied.


Key features

Compliance features make it easy for teams to monitor and communicate with suppliers and ensure they meet the latest social, environmental, and governance requirements.

Configurable criteria.

Compliance criteria configurable to align with key markets and supplier types.

Version control.

Version control ensures suppliers are notified when there are changes to a policy.

Certification renewal.

Responsible sourcing teams can see when certifications are nearing renewal and prompt suppliers to provide the required documentation.


No constraints to the breadth and depth of information gathered, managed, or processed from across the supply chain.


Integrate with multiple data sources to provide an all-encompassing view of ESG performance.

Push button dashboards.

Real time push button dashboard keeps teams updated with performance and informed of any actions required.


Assessment results.

Desk-based assessments provide a valuable tool for monitoring and improving supply chain compliance. By leveraging document reviews, risk assessments, and compliance checks, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of supplier performance and take action to drive positive change in their supply chain operations.



Origin is configured to automatically request certifications and manuals from suppliers based on their attributes, including processes, materials, products, or services supplied. This ensures that suppliers provide the necessary documentation and certifications to comply with relevant standards.


Supplier dashboard.

Origin provides suppliers with personalised dashboards to improve communication, collaboration, and transparency in the supply chain. By surfacing information requests, prompting profile updates, and providing progress updates and feedback, businesses can help suppliers meet environmental, social, and governance compliance requirements.

How does Origin integrate with other systems and platforms?

The importance of seamless integration with other systems and platforms is a cornerstone of Origins architecture. We use a variety of methods to push and pull data from 3rd party platforms. Our integration methods range from direct API integration to consuming and outputting raw Excel or CSV files. We provide customised integration solutions that meet our clients unique needs. If you have any questions or concerns about integrations our team is always available to provide support and guidance.

How does Origin support supplier engagement and collaboration?

We understand that supplier engagement and collaboration are critical components of responsible sourcing, and we have features and tools to address these challenges.

Suppliers are kept notified whenever there is a requirement for information to be shared through the integrated email communications engine as well as through notifications display on the suppliers’ dashboards. Team members collaborate with suppliers through an improvement plans module to share remediation plans and receive updates from their suppliers.

Supplier dashboards include a resources centre providing access to help, technical and performance standards documentation. Information is structured based on the supplier type surfacing information that is relevant to them. The resource centre provides suppliers with practical help via easy-to-access document files and the option to include embedded how-to videos

What are the reporting and analytics capabilities of your platform?

Origin offers a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution that includes real-time dashboards and configurable reports. The dashboards provide an overview of open tasks and supplier activity, such as required certifications, completion of assessments or audits, and changes to supplier status or risk ratings. The data grid views in Origin are sortable, filterable, and exportable in spreadsheet format, enabling teams to analyse and manipulate data as needed. With these tools, companies can gain valuable insights into their supply chain operations and make data-driven decisions to improve their sustainability and efficiency.

What kind of training and support do you offer?

Origin's intuitive user interface and integrated help text assist administrators in becoming adept at working within the platform. Nevertheless, we understand effective training and support are critical to the success of any new technology implementation. That's why we offer various training and support services to help our clients get the most out of our platform.

We hold regular client catchups remotely and on-site to provide training, advice, and information on available updates and developments. We also assign a dedicated account manager to every client, who is available to answer any questions and provide ongoing support.Our product and support teams are UK-based, and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness in answering queries and helping our clients derive the maximum benefit from the platform. Whether it&'s technical support, training, or advice on best practices, we're committed to providing our clients with the resources they need to succeed.

How does Origin calculate risk?

Using a data-driven approach, Origin calculates risk by interpreting multiple risk influences and inputs chosen by customers or specialist partners.

The platform provides companies with valuable insights into potential risks within their supply chains, including those related to governance, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical sourcing.

Industry sectors have different risk profiles with unique intrinsic, demographic, and operational risk influences. As a result, companies need to tailor their risk management approaches based on their specific risk profiles. Origin helps companies implement the appropriate risk model and data sources to focus on supply chain due diligence efforts specific to their business and operations.

We chose the Origin platform to create our sustainable procurement framework, which encourages best practices across our supply chain. The platform combines supplier data with research and insights and Origins rating engine provides a sustainability maturity score based on suppliers' actions and strategies. We're thrilled with the results, and we look forward to extending the platform further with the team at Grouptree.

Kevin Dunckley, Chief Sustainability Officer, HH Global

We’ve had a great experience working with Grouptree on the configuration and implementation of the Origin platform. The team dedicated time to understanding our needs, tailoring the platform to our supply chain and then being on hand to provide training and support us through the launch process.

Cerian Atwell, Senior Sustainability Manager – Environment and Chemicals, M&S

We're delighted to use Origin for our supply chain due diligence and transparency requirements. The flexibility of the system and the ability to configure the platform around the specifics of our supply chain were essential. The level of service and support is fantastic, and we always know we can get to through to the team whenever we need assistance.

Sally Williamson, Environmental Social Governance Manager, ALLSAINTS.

We are really pleased with how intuitive the platform is to use and being able to manage facility onboarding, assessments and audits in one place, all monitored on interactive dashboards is transforming the way we work with our suppliers.

Cerian Atwell, Senior Sustainability Manager – Environment and Chemicals, M&S


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