Navigating responsible sourcing with enhanced supplier profiling


Responsible sourcing is a challenging undertaking that necessitates cooperation and alliances with a diverse range of stakeholders. These stakeholders encompass not only suppliers but also internal departments, reporting frameworks, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and auditing firms. At Origin, we understand the significance of these partnerships and have developed our platform to assist businesses in integrating various data sources and influences. This approach enables organisations to effectively address the complexities of responsible sourcing and meet the demands of ongoing supply chain due diligence.

Leveraging existing supplier data

Our approach involves reducing the workload on suppliers, typically by utilising existing data from a company's Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or other internal data sources. By leveraging this data, we can generate initial risk profiles using information already available on suppliers, such as location information, product details and production processes. By streamlining the onboarding process and establishing a preliminary assessment of potential risks, teams can quickly verify the risk landscape and prepare for enhanced due diligence.

Dynamic assessments based on supplier profiles

To gather social, environmental, and governance data Origin dynamically generates tailored requests for information. These assessments are determined by the supplier's profile, for instance, a metals refiner would receive different questions than a transportation company or raw materials provider. These assessments influence a supplier's risk profile, giving sourcing and sustainability teams better performance visibility.

Comprehensive view of supplier performance

While self-assessments are valuable, they are just one piece of the puzzle. To build a more accurate view of supplier performance, we consider additional data influences, such as industry certifications, third-party assessment frameworks, results from third-party audits, and external data feeds. Incorporating multiple factors helps create a holistic perspective of supplier performance, ensuring responsible sourcing practices are well-informed and comprehensive.

Ongoing management and remediation

Responsible sourcing is an ongoing process. New suppliers are engaged, and certifications, assessments, audits, and other influences are time-sensitive, and a robust platform is essential to effectively manage, report, and address these evolving factors. Origin's flexible and adaptable architecture provides sustainability teams with the necessary tools to help meet the challenges of responsible sourcing and drive continuous improvement.

Tailored to unique needs

We appreciate that responsible sourcing strategies vary between corporations and industries, and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That's why with help from our specialist partner agencies and working closely with clients we tailor Origin to meet specific requirements and focus areas.

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